Victim of a Ransomware Attack?

Professional Ransomware Recovery for Companies

If data has been encrypted and no backups are available, it is a company-wide emergency. Our experts are available around the clock to help you recover your data quickly and easily.

  • ​First response and data recovery for ransomware incidents
  • Free analysis of encrypted data
  • Worldwide 24/7 customer support

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19+ Million €

Saved In Ransom Payments


Ransomware Incidents Supported

48 hours

Average Recovery Time

Do you need urgent help?

Fill out the form now and a ransomware specialist will help you with your request immediately. We offer this initial analysis and expert consultation worth 970,00€ completely free of charge for a limited time.

  • Analysis of encrypted data and recovery options
  • 30 minutes of expert consultation
  • Individual offer for Ransomware data recovery
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As a company or IT service provider, you are probably currently facing the following challenge:

Encrypted data by cyber attackers

The company data is suddenly encrypted and a ransom demand has been made by cyber attackers. Often, backup media have been specifically encrypted and a classic data recovery is hopeless.

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Confidential data was stolen and is being used as Leverage

In almost all modern ransomware attacks, data is exfiltrated by the cyber attackers and if the ransom is not paid, it is often published on the Internet.

The operation is at a standstill and the failure costly

Operations come to a partial or complete standstill and access to IT systems is severely restricted. Almost all processes in the company come to a standstill, resulting in a considerable financial loss and damage to the company's image vis-à-vis its customers.

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Lack of experience in dealing with this extreme situation

Internal and external IT departments and managers face an unprecedented challenge. Should we get involved with the ransomware payment? What are the chances of success? Will our data be decrypted after the ransomware payment and then deleted from the Internet?

Solving these challenges is our daily business

Based on the experience of over 1000+ supported ransomware incidents, we can help you quickly and easily restore your operations without damaging your valuable data in the process.


Case Studies From Our Customers

Learn how you can also benefit from our Ransomware Recovery service:


The entire network was encrypted due a ransomware-attack over the weekend and it was unclear, how to deal with this emergency situation.


BeforeCrypt immediately advised the customer about legal requirements, removed the ransomware, reduced the ransom through professional cyber-attacker negotiation, provided ransom settlement and restored the customer network and data.


Thanks to the professional ransomware incident support, operations could be restored within 48 hours. The data has been decrypted and the company is fully operational again. Also the customer avoided legal problems and costly self-made mistakes.

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“The service provided by Before Crypt exceeded our most optimistic expectations from the point of view of the full recovery of compromised data and also in terms of seriousness and post event support. We have no hesitation in recommending this company.” ★★★★★

Simone Naletto
Cesvitem Onlus Non-profit Association –


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“Super uncomplicated quick assistance and also quick, fast, competent deployment of the technicians. Processing went very quickly. Would like to give 10 instead of 5 stars.” ★★★★★

Rupert Hamader
Hamader IT –



Although the customer network was optimally protected against cyber attacks, hackers exploited an unknown security gap and this resulted in encryption upon the entirety of customer data. Since there was no internal expert with knowledge in regards to ransomware, the IT service provider was looking for a firm with expertise.


BeforeCrypt gave professional incident advice, handled negotiations with the extortionists and the legally compliant ransom settlement, so the IT service provider was fully able to focus on the internal restore.


Together we were able to restore the customer network within 72 hours. Also we closed the open security gap and avoided another incident through the implementation of an extended backup strategy and an emergency plan.


A large ransomware attack hit a hotel group with over 30 locations. Hotel services fully ceased to operate, over 650 employees were partially unable to work. A fast recovery from backups was impossible and the cyber-attackers had most likely stolen company data.


The management hired experts as soon as possible in order to avoid more damage and restore operations quickly. BeforeCrypt took on the leading role and coordinated the customer’s internal IT department, took care of ransomware compliance issues and guided the customer through an efficient and secure process and took the lead over the communication with the cyber-attackers.


With the help of BeforeCrypt, the requested ransom was reduced by 75.000 Euro, fortunately the ransom had not to be paid. By restoring the services and re-entering a manageable amount of lost data the downtime of operations was drastically reduced. The analysis of the firewall communication revealed no unduly high data upload so all critical compliance requirements were met.

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“Full recommendation for BeforeCrypt. A huge help for us as medium-sized companies, even though we had a backup strategy – previously found to be good – that turned out to be unsuitable for ransomware. Now we can concentrate on our core business again.” ★★★★★

Thomas Koch (Further details are confidential)


A professional ransomware incident response

How can we help with a ransomware attack?

If your files got encrypted and backups fail, it’s a company-wide emergency. Let our experts guide your company through a secure, compliant and fast ransomware recovery. Here's what we can do for you:

  • ​Risk Assessment -  Review the damage, outline the risks, including costs and expected downtime.
  • Free Recovery Options - Demonstrating the possibilities of data recovery after a ransomware attack, without paying the Cyber-attack ransom demand.
  • Crises Management - Experienced crisis managers bring expert knowledge to bear at all levels in these difficult situations, ensuring calm and targeted action in your company.
  • Extortion Negotiation - Let experts handle the ransomware negotiations to significantly reduce the ransom amounts demanded without alienating the cyber attackers.
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The professional answer to ransomware attacks

  • ​Ransom Settlement - How to obtain cryptocurrencies to pay the ransom and make a payment without violating applicable sanctions (money laundering/terrorist financing). ​​
  • Compliance Check - Avoid costly sanctions, data protection and money laundering violations with professionally conducted compliance checks before you act. ​
  • Decrypt & Recover - Remote technical support to clean the infrastructure from malware, identify attack vectors and decrypt the data in a secure sandbox environment to avoid reinfection and further damage.
  • ​Legal Reporting - Documentation of the incident for simple insurance reporting and to meet official requirements (data protection / police). ​

Leading industry experience

We can help you with all types of Ransomware.

Every day we receive several hundred requests from ransomware victims. We assist a large part of these requests with ransomware recovery and this gives us the basis to perform an intelligent threat analysis on the respective ransomware variants.

  • Extensive knowledge: There are currently over 1080+ known ransomware variants and we have experience with a majority of them.
  • Intelligence Threat Analysis: Based on our experience, we are able to target risks, assess the behavior of cyber-attackers and thus deliver targeted and first-class advice.
  • Most active Ransomware variants: Lockbit, BlackCat, BlackMatter, Conti, Mackop, Play, Phobos,Dharma Quantum, HIVE, Clop, RagnarLocker, MedusaLocker, Sodinokibi / REvil, Avaddon, Ryuk, GlobeImposter 2.0 and many more.
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Who are we?

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Due to the ever growing threat of Ransomware, BeforeCrypt was founded in 2020 by Janos S. Konetschni to help victims of Ransomware attacks and fight cyber criminals. In less than 2 years we have grown to become the leading experts in Ransomware in the European region.

As a team, we have had the privilege to support over 1,000+ customers in Ransomware incidents, providing sustainable help to people in emergency situations. We actively contribute to anti-cyber-crime alliances such as "NoMoreRansom", are in active exchange with cyber-crime experts and regularly publish technical articles on Forbes and our blog. The rest is history.

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6 Reasons To Choose BeforeCrypt

Work with Europe's leading ransomware experts

Fast Recovery

Reduce downtime for your business to a minimum with professional help, saving you significant time and money.

Crisis Management

Experienced crisis managers bring expert knowledge to bear at all levels in these difficult situations, ensuring calm and targeted action in your company.

Extortion Negotiation

Let experts handle the ransomware negotiations to significantly reduce the ransom amounts demanded without alienating the cyber attackers.


Benefit from our experience from over 1,000 professionally managed ransomware incidents.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

There are a large number of complications that can go wrong when resolving a Ransomware attack on your own, leading to significant subsequent costs.

Legal Security

Avoid costly sanctions, data protection and money laundering violations with professionally conducted compliance checks before you act.

These are the next steps...

As one of the leading Ransomware experts in Europe we receive many requests every day from companies that need our support. We try to respond to all requests as best we can, but we can only help a limited number of ransomware victims.

Step 1

Fill out the form and receive a initial assessment. Afterwards, schedule an appointment with a BeforeCrypt expert.

Step 2

Together, we'll talk about the current challenge and opportunities for ransomware data recovery. 


Step 3

If both parties agree to work together, we will discuss the next steps and start the ransomware data recovery as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

 How soon can you start data recovery?

Immediately after submitting the request, you will receive a free analysis of the encrypted data and the possible recovery options.

What should I do in case of a ransomware attack?

Please remain calm at first and do not act hastily! Call in professional support as soon as possible. In our free expert consultation, we show you in a practical way how to professional deal with this emergency situation.

Will my request be kept strictly confidential?

No information about your company or the incident will be disclosed to the public. We understand that confidentiality is a top priority in such a situation. Upon request, we will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.

What are the costs for a request?

The initial analysis of your encrypted files and the individual expert consultation are completely free of charge for you.

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Together with EUROPOL, INTERPOL and many more law enforcing agencies we are fighting cyber-crime on an international scale.

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We are part of the Alliance for Cyber-Security, founded in 2012, which serves as a cooperative platform on current cyber-security threats.

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